I’ve had my large ClamDoor for over 2 years. The one issue I had a year into ownership was corrected quickly and completely at no cost. ClamDoor is a very good product with exceptional customer support. I would recommend ClamDoor to anyone looking for a high quality bulkhead door.


I installed the ClamDoor after suffering with a leaky traditional bulkhead door. We love the product, it exceeded our expectations.

It was delivered in perfect shape on time, the folks at ClamDoor are a pleasure to deal with it was east to install, never leaks, looks great and opens and closes so much more easily.

Definitely the biggest advance in bulkhead doors in my lifetime.


I installed the ClamDoor to replace an old metal hatchway that leaked, and it has done exactly what I envisioned, as my finished basement is now completely dry. Thanks for this innovative approach!


We purchased an exceptional 18 year old house which, unfortunately, came with a warped, and very corroded, conventional steel bulkhead. This unit was clearly not worth the effort to restore and we started searching for a replacement in either a stainless steel or fiberglass upgrade. A simple Google search for “fiberglass bulkhead doors” produced the ClamDoor website link and accompanying images of your impressive ClamDoor product.

Actually, “impressive” is an understatement! This product is not only highly aesthetic and corrosion resistant, but very strong, particularly with its slightly convex shape. Its ability to completely seal out water, dirt, etc., is extraordinary and, undoubtedly, a function of its marine-environment origin This translates to complete freedom of maintenance and confidence in the product!

We cannot overemphasize our satisfaction with the purchase of your ClamDoor product. It is truly a welcomed and needed advancement in technology.